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Cold water lobster and warm water lobster. Each is unique in taste although both share that oddly bland yet extremely rich flavor. It should be noted that different parts of the lobster have a slightly different flavor.

Cold Water lobster are often caught near Canada or Maine in the United States, off the coast of Europe, or in cold water areas near Australia, as well as some other areas. Coldwater lobsters are the ones with the big claws. If you love the claw meat, then you will want to purchase cold water lobsters. They tend to have a stronger, more robust flavor.

Warm Water Lobster does not have large claws. Instead, they have large antennae. There are several varieties of warm water lobster including three species that are sometimes referred to as red lobster. These are Eunephrops bairdii, palinurus elephasand Panulirus interruptus.

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